So… What are we all about?

Hello! I am the owner of Grind n Bake Coffee Shop. I started Grind n Bake in September 2009. I’ve spent my working life in the catering industry working in pubs, restaurants and hotels. I used to spend much of my time on the road across the UK and spent my fair share of it in coffee shops. I found that the bulk of my options were with the using big brand coffee shops where the coffee was average at best and when added with milk soon lost much of its flavour, a bought in pre-prepared sandwich, paninis etc. was usually the norm too.

When I started the business, the coffee had to be one of the biggest focuses as after all we’re a coffee shop. I spent a lot of the time sourcing a good coffee roaster, one that I could work with.  I now have my own espresso blend, one that I’m proud to stand by and more importantly you can taste. I also run an ever-changing filter coffee that I change in line with the coffee harvesting around the world.

That’s the Grind bit explained, the bake bit is our Sausage rolls, savoury slices, pasties all freshly baked all day every day on the premises. We also make all our baguettes, rolls and hot sandwiches fresh every day. I’m not interested in being a copy of the big name brand out there and others like it, to me the best thing about being an independent is about giving our customers a good variety in our offering, adapting to their needs and wishes and my team knowing who they are and giving the best customer service they can in a great environment.  In today’s fast paced world sometimes you only hear a polarised version of a business via
social media reviews, I very much believe in the traditional way of tell us when you love it, tell us when you don’t and everything in between. We also have our sister company VIKING COFFEE where you can shop and buy our fabulous coffee

We look forward to seeing you soon

Coffee is a language in itself…

Whats with the name?

When you first hear it you might think it’s a bit strange.  There are many interpretations and we’ve heard them all!  In reality it’s simple, it’s a combination of the two core elements of what we do.

Grind: It’s all about quality and flavour, we can’t give a good cup of coffee without good quality coffee beans.  Our coffee beans are only ground as we make each cup of your coffee, so it’s always fresh as a daisy.

Bake: Our hot savouries are baked though out the day so they’re always hot and fresh.

Oh and yes we know there should also be a ‘ on the left side of the “n” but hey nobody’s perfect!!

As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad can things be?

Our Coffee

We use Viking Coffee which is our own brand of hand roasted espresso. Our espresso blend works well either just on its own or cuts through milk in a latte, cappuccino or flat white to still deliver that great coffee taste and a smooth balance of flavour.     We use only the finest sourced green coffee beans . Each month we change our filter coffee to showcase  different coffee producing countries and farms, so there’s always a something new to try. You can now purchase coffee from the online shop at VIKING COFFEE.  You can have fresh hand roasted coffee delivered straight to your home.  As a trade customer we can deliver directly to your business.


Monday – Saturday   8:30am to 4:30pm

Sunday   9:00am to 3:30pm

Bank Holidays   9:00am to 4:30pm


Walking: We’re in the centre of Folkestone in the middle of the  pedestrian area of Sandgate road. In between Clarks shoe shop and Waterstones.

By Public Transport: 5 minutes walk from Folkestone Bus Station, 10 Minutes walk from Folkestone Central train station.

Grind n’ Bake Rewards!

An exciting new way to earn points & get rewards when you join in store. As a rewards member we’ll give you 5 points for every pound you spend on all your purchases, each point is worth 1p.  As you build up your points check your balance and once you have enough points you can enjoy a free treat.

Grind n’ Bake Rewards Benefits

  •  50 points added when you join
  • Simple to join
  • Earn & spend points as you go on all in store items
  • One card that stays with you, so no longer need to collect paper cards
  • Easy to check your balance
  • Look out for special offers

Check your point balance here


Local people are really important to us, they’re central to what we do. We advertise local events. We support young people in work, by ensuring we always have space for under 18’s that are doing studies, and have yet to join the full time work market.  We give our end of night unsold food to a local charity which is then distributed to the local homeless.